28 January 2011

Ladys Well, Barrington Tops NSW

Barrington Tops can be approached from 2 different areas,  this photo is in the lower tops and is accessible from Dungog.  The other side of the Tops is the upper alpine region and is accesible from a road running between Scone and Gloucester.

27 January 2011

Fashion Parade, Waratah Festival Hyde Park 1967

One of the Annual Waratah Festival events was a lunchtime  fashion parade.  As you can see from the crowd it was very popular particularly with the young men.

09 January 2011

Lake Harry on the Birdsville Track South Australia 2009

Lake Harry was the site of a camel camp and a date orchard.  To me, this photo typifies the bleak remoteness of out back Australia

03 January 2011

Tiboburra Family Hotel

Any visitor to Tiboburra, far North-West NSW should put the family Hotel on their 'must do' list.  The walls of the bar are adorned with painting by well known Australian artists who have stayed there.  Supposedly the hottest place in NSW.

01 January 2011

Webster 1965, Sydney Domain Speaker

Webster was a brilliant orator and could talk on most subjects.  To interject usually bought a cutting response.